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Dunedin Test Professionals Join Together for First Meetup

Dunedin's first meetup was held on Tuesday, 1st June 2021.

Kim Watson
  • Kim Watson
  • 9 June 2021

Thanks to The Otago Chambers of Commerce for being the host of the first, but definitely not the last, meetup in Dunedin facilitated by TTC. Dunedin has a testing community that is fairly large, and we wanted everyone to get together to know that they are not alone when it comes to this rollercoaster. Often, it's easy for those in the testing community to feel as if they are alone in the testing world or that they don’t know where to start when wanting to make the process more streamlined. That’s why we wanted to get involved and get people with similar interests and a shared passion for testing together to share ideas or questions that they have been thinking of.

While we all socialised and made introductions, we ran the meetup using the Lean Coffee format, which allows everyone to write out topics that they wish to discuss. All these topics are then laid out, and everyone gets to vote on the topics presented. This results in topics to be discussed in further detail within the group that the majority of participants have selected. With this being our first Test Professionals Meetup in Dunedin, the topic that stood out to be of interest was Test Automation and Continuous Testing. These topics had a lot of discussion around it from people in the private as well as the public sector.

(Developing an agenda via Lean Coffee method)

Even though time ran out to discuss all the topics brought up, it gave everyone the opportunity to continue the discussions after the formalities and into the evening while sipping on a glass of wine or around the cheeseboard catered by TTC. These meetups are organised for everyone to feel comfortable attending and not feel judged. What better way to learn than from fellow testers that are in your position and have a successful journey to share with you. If you want to learn or share your story, don't hesitate to join us at our next hosted meetup.

(Knowledge sharing among Dunedin's testing professionals)

For more information regarding our meetups that we host in the communities, please contact TTC.