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Delta: Accelerating Excellence in Software Delivery

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Delta is an AI-driven solution for smarter software development and testing that provides organizations with better visibility into their software development lifecycle (SDLC). Delta offers deeper insights into test coverage, faster application delivery, time-to-market acceleration, better quality software, lower costs, and comprehensive traceability. By using Delta, organizations can identify risks and prevent defects from cascading into subsequent test phases. Delta profiles a code base to identify the ‘deltas’ in code – new or modified lines of code that have not been tested yet and pose a risk in production. Leveraging this data, Delta takes various actions to enhance the software development process.

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Overcoming Challenges in Software Development

Delta helps address critical and pervasive challenges organizations encounter, including slow delivery speed, low testing efficiency, poor software quality, and inconsistent reliability of software applications. Having access to centralized real-time dashboards for risk analysis throughout the end-to-end delivery chain is crucial in safeguarding an organization's reputation and software quality.

Delta seamlessly combines two powerful technologies:

  • Analytics Engine: this engine profiles code to generate valuable data and insights.
  • AI Engine: trained to interpret the analytics, it autonomously generates and executes tests, then reports results in real-time to a dashboard.

The AI-driven automated workflow requires minimal human intervention. The AI engine handles the majority of the workload and presents the results in real-time dashboards, such as Power BI, for easy consultation by project managers and higher management. These dashboards are tamper-proof and deliver transparency to anyone involved in the process.

How Will You Benefit from Delta?

  1. Automating unit test generation is a significant step toward improving code quality and reducing the overall cost of software development. By autonomously generating and executing unit tests from a profiled code base, Delta addresses the common challenge of inadequate unit testing in many organizations.

  2. Bidirectional traceability offers invaluable insights into the relationship between various elements of the software development process. Delta provides a clear picture of test coverage at code level and clarifies how changes to requirements affect testing efforts and code implementation. This allows teams to proactively address issues, minimize risk and improve overall efficiency.

  3. Automating the generation of Jira tickets for both failed and passed tests in a human-readable format greatly enhances the visibility and documentation of testing results within organizations. Delta ensures that testing results are easily understandable by all members of the development team, regardless of their technical expertise. This facilitates better decision-making throughout the development process.

  4. Delta’s Auto Regression Testing offers significant advantages in optimizing testing efforts and mitigating risks associated with software changes. Delta identifies the most critical tests for execution, ensuring that testing efforts are focused on the areas in the code base that are most likely to be affected by changes. Selecting only the most relevant tests drastically reduces time and effort to validate changes. By detecting potential issues early in the development process, the likelihood of introducing defects into production is minimized.

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